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2nd Sundays of the month

8-9 PM CST

Please note!**

We are no longer using

the #yalove hashtag because

it has been seriously compromised.

All twitter chats from the beginning

to the current one have been

been archived on this page

Please use the new hashtag,



--the team

Be Part of the Conversation!


1. Log on to Twitter (or create an account it you don't have one)

2. In the search box, type in #readYAlit

3. Find a tweet with #readYAlit linked in blue and click on this. That will put you directly on the channel where the conversation will take place live

4. Follow and update the conversation by hitting the refresh button on a laptop/tablet or tug down to refresh on an iPad or Android

5. If you'd like to participate, simply type your Twitter and always include the #readYAlit hashtag

6. Can't make it to the live conversation? That's okay! You can always contribute to the group by tweeting about YA books and novel using the #readYAlit hashtag anytime, day or night!

Get Reminders about #readYAlit!

Using remind.com, you'll get at text that'll let you know the #readYAlit Twitterchat is going to start soon!!
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#readYAlit Moderators
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Rebecca Denham

Colleen Graves

Karen Jensen

Nancy Jo Lambert

Jennifer Turney Larowe

Jen Bigheart

Dayna Mellberg

Julee Murphy